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New York was everything I expected. Tall buildings that surround you, a mass of puffy black winter jackets,  people out at all hours of the night, and crazy encounters on the Subway. I know… I am sure a lot of you are thinking, "Wait... she has never been to NY?" And no, I haven't! But happy that I can now say NYC is at the top of my fav city list.

The first day we arrived my mom was still staying in the city and we had a true NYC experience. I am sure it was a true tourist experience, but it was a good one! We got tickets to Tony Award winning show Kinky Boots on Broadway, ate dinner, had NY Cheesecake, walked/shopped in Times Square and had drinks to end the night.

I also had an stellar opportunity to meet up with Carl Byrd, owner of CarlByrd&Co, a advertising and marketing company. They do work for companies like MACY's, Target, GAP, and Splendid. It was great to see their killer studio space and talk to him about my work and plans for the future! He gave me great insight! It's always refreshing to talk to someone completely removed from your normal design community.  

The remainder of our trip we stayed with my dear friend Bethany in her Brooklyn apartment. We went to NBA game at Barclays Center to watch the Nets win! We met old friends for cocktails, ventured in the cold and snowy weather to make it to the Brooklyn Bridge and then warmed up with some famous New York Pizza. NYC is a beast of it's own. I really appreciated the people! I was always asked with the question, "So, when are you moving here!?" They are so eager to help and interested in what you do or where you come from. It proved to me even more that I AM A CITY GIRL through and through. I definitely loved many aspects of the city that never sleeps… so we shall see what the future brings…

-until next time