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I have always loved paper. Books, cards, magazines, or pictures. I like that I can hold and feel objects in my hand. If you know me, you know I have always enjoyed giving cards. I think I have a pile sitting around right now for just-in-case moments. A hand written card can mean everything. It shows that you took the time to say thank you or hello. It's a little packaged thought that someone can hold in their hands. It's something that can can be kept and looked at years from now. Cards will never go out of fashion.

I had to do  this post in honor of Rifle Paper Co.'s newly designed site. It is now a beautiful site with beautiful products. They have my favorite prints, phone cases, calendars, and of course– cards. (This is why I spend hours in Paper Source.) 

Hand illustrations, gold, and a use playfulness… you can't go wrong!