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I think it's funny how things happen. One moment you can be having the biggest doubts and then you have a run in with someone who totally lifts your spirits. I try to never look past those signs. Things happen for a reason and those are the moments in life that I love. Things can seem pretty shitty and all of a sudden your inbox pings with a message from an old friend. 

So I suppose I needed to write this post for myself.  I need to remember to be present and notice these moments. They don't happen in your life for no reason.  For a day filled with a gigantic check list and then you look down and accomplish more than you would have ever thought… I take that as a sign. Don't hesitate to move forward. Sometimes it takes a quick you can do it! conversation with a friend or a "I was thinking of you" message in your inbox to get you going in the right direction. Don't be scared, because you will never know until you try.