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I'm so excited for announce an exciting event going on next month!

April 5th will be a night at The Zen Zone to celebrate being a woman and loving who you are on the inside and out. We will be donating all the proceeds to Hope House. We have some great businesses helping out with our "A Note to Self" night.

This started out as a night centered around women and a fun night to bring in the Spring season. I am hoping women take it as a night to learn more about the Hope House and what they do, but also take a night to enjoy laughter, friends, and take a for themselves. I came up with the name A Note to Self because I believe we all make mental notes all the time whether it's to tell ourselves be strong, take a risk, get laundry done, send an email, it can be any note for any one person.  This event represents something import that we need to take note of all the time. Celebrating, supporting, and empowering women. 

I feel like I have always had this strong feeling towards opportunity for women and the difference we can make in the world. Whether it was being raised the way I was or that I am woman in male dominated field this concept comes into many aspects of my life. It seems like every time this idea escapes my mind it sneaks back in somehow and always at a perfect time. For example in the last month I have watched 3 documentaries and started reading two different books on equality for women… hardly a coincidence…

This concept branches out in so many ways. This event is to celebrate the confident and bold females we are! I am not attempting to go on a dramatic feminist rant, however these women put it best. 

With that being said, I will be posting some of my inspirations on these topics up until the event. 

Stay tuned.