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This post began as a plan to only talk about Marimekko's kids apparel after picking up the Kids' Collection Lookbook, but there are just to many good things to not post some of my favorite pieces. I first saw a Marimekko store while in Helsinki, Finland amazed at their bright patterns I could see through the big glass windows. Since then, I have really started noticing more of the stores as I travel. I had the opportunity to visit another store during my visit in Boston and it sparked even more interest. This Finish brand so intriguing to me I don't know if it's their bold patterns or  the layout of the stores. It just seems like they do everything right. They create an experience for their customers. 

I feel as if all of their qualities are the qualities I wish to have throughout my design work. They stem from a rich history, (Check out their 50th Anniversary website!) but combine that with amazing designers, quality products, and their bold patterns great things happen!

And take a look at their interactive timeline experience. You won't regret it. 

I want the heart "m" bag! How perfect!