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We took a MegaBus from NYC to Boston... which reminded me of Europe being able to be somewhere so different in a matter of hours. I think that would be one of the plus sides to living in the Northeast- being able to travel to so many places in a matter of hours. Living in the Midwest makes traveling by airplane to places cheap because I am right in the middle of the US, but being in the midst of a lot amazing cities might even be better. 

Boston to me was about seeing old best friends and making new ones. Meeting a lot of doctors and college students... but people I know will be brilliant doctors! I might have to move so my doctors can be my friends too! 

I know visiting Boston in January wasn't the best choice, but I am game for a trip at anytime! We made the best of it! We experienced Little Italy, the Boston Library, and my first time on the "T." I got to experience one of the coolest coffee shops i've ever been in. A coffee shop that has a case full of amazing sweets (macarons more specifically) and has great coffee to go with it is a A+ in my book.  

Boston made me miss having roommates to laugh with and drink wine with. It made me appreciate the moments you have with best friends and how precious they are. They don't come around too often. I believe that we travel to experience people and places. We visit new places to learn and grow as people. The best part of traveling is having people to share it with. I can't imagine experiencing some of the things I have if Tanja and friends wouldn't have been there with me. 

Enjoy my obnoxiously large eyes below along with the cupcakes I captured from a bakery in Little Italy that made me feel like I was in Roma again!