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I have been wanting to write about a wonderful discovery we had while in Greece. As we were walking one night we came across a great store called Yolicious owned by Kornelia Grabara. As most of you know I love me some yoga! We immediately started chatting after I saw the beautiful yoga clothing she had hanging in her store. We had a lot in common because of the work I've done with my mom and for The Zen Zone. I was so excited to talk to her about her practice and hear her story. After vacationing to the island over eight times, she made the big move from her native country of Germany and permanently moved to Santorini. Even after living in Germany her whole life the island felt like home. She said so many wonderful things to Tanja and I about travel, friendship, and owning her own shop. One thing I loved because I am experiencing this right now was, 

"You find out who your real friends are after you move away."

We visited her a few times more while we were there and of course I bought some fun things from her! I wish I could have bought all of the clothing she had! Next time I visit the island we are definitely planning a yoga retreat! Meeting Kornelia made me see just how wonderful yoga is and how it can come through in a person's spirit. 

my mom received her fun Yolicious gifts from Greece!