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I have to first start with saying I think that every meal I ate in Helsinki was amazing or close to it! We first ate at a little market fair that was going on. We flew up to meet Tanja's dad and he had discovered this amazing booth the day before. We were in for a treat when we received our foot long sausage. (good thing we decided to split it!) Please don't mind my tired puffy eyes. 

One thing that I really loved about Helsinki was the popularity of street booths. We could walk everywhere and there were always stands with fresh berries and vegetables. The potatoes and tiny little fish you see are also a street food that is very popular. "Pop them in your mouth like popcorn!" Dragan would encourage. Tanja and I would give him the "I don't think so" look.  I can say that I did try the little fish... they were interesting... mind over matter. But the potatoes were delicious!   

I had to post these pictures of the CAFE we had coffee and sweets at. This was the first country as well, I might add, that I could get a drip coffee! I was very happy about that even though I still seemed to have ordered a cafe' latte everywhere we went. But it was gorgeous with large hanging chandeliers, golden accents, and large glass windows. I felt like I should be in a light pink dress with gold heals and a chunky diamond necklace to fit in with the decor. Very 1920s. Very me. 

The bread and pastries can not be left out. Two things that I probably get too excited over and most definitely an indulgence of mine. Give me fluffy pastry dough and raspberries and I am a happy camper. Helsinki did not let me down in this department.  

As for the restaurants that could possibly be another story. All of the food was delicious, but the service however is nothing like in America.  In Europe, as I am sure many of you know, the waiters are there to bring you food and your bill. That's about it. And you usually have to raise a hand or flag someone down if you need anything else. Water is not a refillable drink nor is your Coca Cola. So needless to say when we ate our first meal at a restaurant we almost left hungry when it took over an hour to even get our appetizer which I might add was forgotten by our waitress. But eventually we got our dinner and it was probably some of the best chicken I have ever had in my life. So be prepared if you have never been to Europe, because your patience will be tested. 

Something that deserves a lot of attention are the markets. I already mentioned above the booths being located all over the city, but possibly besides Paris, I have never seen such bright colors of produce in my life! I was in awe. Everything tasted just as good as it looked. I think we tried everything we could without being full of fruit. Nectarines, plums, cherries, raspberries, and strawberries. I don't know that I will ever get used to being exposed to such produce. That is one thing I wish was more of a norm in KC. It is a part of everyday life, not just a wake up at 7am on a Saturday or Sunday morning to go buy fresh produce. 

Has anyone else experienced such amazing markets or food during their travels?