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I am very late on a lot of blog posts! Including this one. I am sure I have had many things I could write about, but I like this specific post to be things that have stuck with me whether they are about travel or not. 

  •  I love that tennis shoes are becoming a trend. Being a tourist or not- in Europe you do a lot of walking. When we were in Germany I loved how so many of the women wore tennis shoes with a dressier outfit. Whether they are tennis shoes to go on a run or not, their NIKE’s were lookin' good!

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  • I had many firsts the last 2 weeks. One of them being staying in a hostel. I had always heard stories good and bad about staying in them, but the ones we stayed in where actually pretty nice. The bathrooms, bedding, and facilities were all well kept. We stayed in one in Gdansk, Hamburg, and Prague. They were all SO different too. The first one decent in size and we shared a bathroom with the whole floor. The second one was huge! A chain actually and it seemed like we were at a university with a living center. The third one was on the smaller side in Prague. The interesting part with this one is there was one bathroom. It had one bathtub with the shower head but no curtain. We had one of those moments where you walk in and think, “Where is the rest?” So if you needed to shower you had to lock the door which kept the other 5 girls we were with from getting in to use the sinks or toilette…
Generator Hostel we stayed at in  Hamburg

Generator Hostel we stayed at in Hamburg

  • I am still thinking about the store windows in Helsinki, Finland. I am sorry, but the Plaza has nothing on the windows I saw. Whether it was Louis Vuitton or H&M the windows were stunning! I would actually stop and not “window shop” but it was like looking at art for me!
store front in Helsinki

store front in Helsinki

An amazing Finnish store I discovered, Marimekko! They create their own prints and fabrics! Designer friends- you will be in heaven. 

  • My mom celebrated her birthday! A year ago on August, 17th we were getting tattoos and drinking martinis and this year I was in Poland out of all the places in the world. Many people have asked me are you homesick? Do you want to come home yet? My answer is no, I’m not homesick. What I miss are certain moments, not really being home. (no offense, mom) When things are happening those are the things I miss. My sisters starting school for example! Hunter is a freshman in high school! WOW. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to jump from place to place. Of course I want to drink a lemon drop martini with my fabulous mom on her birthday, but then I also can’t believe that I have already traveled to 8 countries in two months. It’s a bit hard to explain and I am honestly somewhat reluctant to write about these things. I ask myself a lot... what is really being homesick? Maybe if you miss sleeping in your own bed? Or you want a home cooked meal? If that's the case then I can strongly say that I have yet to have what we consider being "homesick." I feel that if I ever complain or say such things I feel everyone has that, “oh boo hoo for you...! You get to travel for a year!” Which is so very true! But I suppose this is why I thank the lord everyday for wifi and Viber
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