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I would like to introduce you all to our dear friend Jelena. (Pronounced Yel-a-na) Tanja and I clicked with her so well when we all met over winter the first time we were in Belgrade. She is our go-to-girl for fun places here in the city. I appreciate the fact that she is knowledgeable not just in fashion, but world culture. The last place she went was Abu Dhabi and is headed to Italy next week. She seems to know just as much American pop culture as Tanja and I do. We love discussing Chelsea Handler and she gives us great traveling tips. I think that we click best because as much as she loves other countries/cities she knows a lot about Belgrade and truly appreciates it. That's how I feel about Kansas City. I have always loved telling people about the fun things to go see and do in KC but I also love new cities and cultures as well. 

In the end though, we all love fashion! So here is my first post! I hope you all enjoy!  

WHO: Jelena Boricic, 23 Law Student


Brown Leather Jacket because it matches with almost everything and gives a special touch to the outfit.

What do you think of Serbian fashion? 

I think serbians have a good sense of style, at least what I see on the streets of Belgrade. Yes, there are some jersey shore lookalikes walking around, strutting their stuff, but thank God it's minority of people! Serbians like dressing up! You will never see us in khaki pants, white shirt and sandals, no matter if you are woman or man. The fashion scene is really blooming, we have a lot of good designers working all around the world and in Serbia. I guess the best known is Roksanda Ilincic . But also looking back to the 90s, 80s, 70s even the begging of 20th century we were always keeping up with world trends and had pretty great style. 

Where do you go for inspiration?

Main inspiration would be definitely magazines, more online magazines, websites like netaporter.comstyle.comfashiongonerouge.com, but also blogs like thesartorialist.com, sometimes I check out Bill Cunningham videos and tommy ton's blog spot. AND OF COURSE PINTEREST! Currently I am checking updates and also following Scott Schuman, jak&jill, The Blonde Salad by Chiara Ferragni and Atlantic Pacific Blog. 

Who is your style icon?

Gosh, I have more than one  and I separate my style icons by the periods of time. First and foremost Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. I guess no additional explanation is needed. Then my fab 4: Yves Saint Laurent, Hubert de Givenchy, Dior and Oscar de la Renta. I guess I like more how men portray what is beautiful on a woman. As for today those would be Tom Ford, Stella McCartney, Olsen twins, Olivia Palermo, Giovana Bataglia and Miroslava Duma.  

If you could have any celeb's closet who's would it be?

Hmm this one is hard. I guess I would do some ''bling ring'' action to Sienna Miller's closet and Olivia Palermo's. Oh yeah and definitely Mira Duma's closet!