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Each week I want to do a post that states four things that I have realized or learned. These things can be anything from cultural to design related. Possibly related to my personal life to an amazing instagram photo I found. I've realized that I have a lot of random thoughts and realizations that I want to share so I figured this could be the best way to share those. So here we go! 



When we went to Mostar, Bosnia I got the chance to hang out with a very intelligent girl named Elma. She is in her last year of school and should be done within the next couple of months. She was telling me about college life in Bosnia and her teachers and classes. I asked her about her exams and what taking tests were like. I have learned that in Eastern Europe, college is not based off of finals or semesters, but off of the amount of exams you have to finish. Then she went on to tell me that all the research she does is out of books and that they do not really have computers or Internet at the school. Yes, I am sure you all need to reread that last sentence. They do not have wi-fi at the school. Nor do they take their laptops to class. What would that be like? As students what would we do for that 2 hours? Actually listen? Actually write our notes by hand? Now, I do have my opinions about this. Being a graphic designer I strongly believe that most of my learning comes from the world wide web so you can image my shock when she told me this. It's interesting to think about. The students here have these exams in which they study, study, study. I remember taking my last final... well it was my last final... so I was already checked out. But having to know the criteria exactly how it is written in a book and not have an online source give you the quick summary before class... that's scary! Although I agree with some of the ways students are taught here (and I am sure it's not like this at every school) I disagree with a lot of it as well. Elma even said to me that they are reading out of text books from the 70s...! But they have insane work ethic and seem to know something about everything. I remember a specific instance in a Liberal Arts class I had at KCAI and going in with the expectations of learning about one thing, but because of what had happened that day on the web, my teacher completely changed how our class time was going to go. So what do you think? Could you go to college everyday with no Internet? 

I took this picture of Elma + Miran in Dubrovnik 

I took this picture of Elma + Miran in Dubrovnik 


I ran across these photographs on Fast Company and thought it was incredible. 3 things that I love: Grandmothers, Food, and Culture.  


I am officially addicted to Refinery29. If you aren't yet, then you will be soon. It's a girls go-to guide and what makes it even better is the attention to detail and great design that the site has. I love their short and fun videos and their designed slideshows. I think this article got me hooked! 


Last night Tanja and I went on a walk across the bridge in Belgrade after dinner. Night walks are the best in the summer. I love being inside, but when you walk outside you still feel like you are inside because of the warm weather... Hopefully that made sense... 

The River

Hopefully this becomes a weekly thing!  

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