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Hello all! Thank you to everyone that has been following along with me so far! It has already been full of adventures, discoveries, and wonderful weather. Of course the main content of this blog will be about my travels, but sometimes I have other things I feel like mentioning as well.  

I think one reason why I love yoga so much is that most people can do it. Whatever age, skill level, body type, you can do yoga to some extent. And on top of that you can make it your own workout. So needless to say I do a lot of thinking while I am doing my yoga practice. This morning (afternoon really) when I was going through my practice I was thinking about strength. I know as a women that there are many things we want to altar about our bodies. I had two different thoughts pop into my mind. One being these Serbian girls we saw at the pool yesterday. They had beautiful bodies, a wonderful tan, but then they popped out their cigarettes. A lot of my respect dropped. I have been raised that through exercise you can obtain the body you want. They may be skinny, but I know they aren't healthy.  I am sure they were probably only 18 and look about 25. A large part of the populating here smokes which is something I know both Tanja and myself have to get used to sometimes. (We are often the only ones sitting in the non-smoking section at cafe's– if there even is one) 

I just want to make the point that maybe here in this moment one may look a certain way, but I would much rather be strong on the inside knowing that I will be able to be strong and healthy for my family in the future.  

Thank you Sadie for my morning practice.