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We made it slowly but surely to Belgrade! 150 lbs of luggage, 4 bags (-1, i'll get to that), 2 backpacks, 3 airplanes, 3 countries, 12 hours spent on planes, 7 different times through airport security, 5,398 miles later we have arrived. We went through Chicago to London and arrived in Belgrade a day later. 

The weather here is HOT HOT HOT. But the humidity is not like it is in Kansas City. We took the sweaty stuffy bus and went to four different stores yesterday attempting to get a USB plug-in for internet. Needless to say my MacBook Pro is too new.  Apple products are sold in Belgrade, but they do not really make any products to support them. By the end of the day we gave up, knocked on the neighbors door, and are now using his wi-fi! 

The biggest issue so far is that Tanja's bag got lost in the traveling. Long story short when we arrived at the Belgrade airpot all of our bags except her duffle where there. Two days later we have discovered that it is in Chicago. So it either it got left there or it got shipped back from London. Let's hope and pray that if and when the bag actually gets here that's it is the right bag. 

We discovered the pool at a hotel down the street... tomorrow will be full of catching some rays in the Serbian Sun.  

Until Next Time...