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no more sheets.  

We leave on Sunday... eeeeeeeeep! I wanted to give some updates, but sorry for the randomness. It is probably is a good representation of how my mind is working right now. 

I finally moved everything out of my apartment… goodbye KC! I have finished up my freelance projects. I have been trying/attempting to see all my friends that one last time before I leave. My big moment for this week was getting my Canon T3i! Finally! I can't wait to start using it! I have a feeling it will always be strapped to me! 

My biggest realization this weekend has been that thought of "this one last time." I don't know about any of you, but the longest I have been away from home was for a month. This time is a bit different. I will be gone for about 10 months. Each moment I have here I take it in as if it were my last– even the small things. Getting my hair done I said, "Let's go really dark and even shorter! Because I won't be back in a month!" Or the idea of sleeping in my own bed. I hope I don't get a back problem, but it's kind of interesting to think about all the different living environments I will be in. 

We take off at 2pm on Sunday. Head to Chicago, London, and then Belgrade.  I am excited to travel again, but it is way better now that I have amazing new luggage. Both of my suitcases are now the hard-shell with the 360º turning wheels!! Aww. I love just pushing them around on my hard wood floors at home. 

A lot of you have been asking about my itinerary. For now we know Belgrade 3-4 weeks, Greece, and then make our way up through Italy. We have discovered that we have a lot of friends that will randomly be throughout Europe this summer so we want to make sure to see them all.   

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