Hello there!

Welcome to my blog. I document my adventures in travel, style, and food. Hope you have a nice stay!

I think I have been struggling with how to set up my blog/portfolio site. I know all things are a work in progress– especially in the design world. I am a person who wants it to look how I want it to from the get go and I have to step back and tell myself "it will get there!" 

Then there was naming the blog. My website is already up and exists and I like the little bit of control I do have over this blog and using what I have so I stuck with it. But I did want to have a name in case, well who knows, this becomes a fun and popular thing. Tanja and I were talking over brunch one morning about what I should name it... and this phrase "Until next time" just came up. I thought– there it is! I feel like this phrase is never ending. It isn't good bye and in most languages it seems as if there is a phrase that means until next time. It means we will see each other again it's just a parting phrase. I wanted something that was light and fun, but could be geared around travel and people. 

I hope you all enjoy this journal the way I hope you all will. Like I mentioned above, it is a complete work in progress. So please stick with me and watch it grow!

Taken in the South of France, Mediterranean Sea 

Until next time,