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what a year. what a year! 

I feel like that is all I can say because words can't even to begin to tell about the adventures and accomplishments I have had. 2013 was a year of risks, challenges, and some amazing experiences. I have graduated, I have had the opportunity to cross several things off of my bucket list, and I have already started to plan for an even more amazing 2014... which is going to be hard to beat this last year. 

I am true believer that everything happens for a reason. The past two weeks I have been around friends and family so much and I have such a full heart. I came home for my best friends wedding (which by the way was pure bliss and I would do it all again tomorrow if I could). I think that got me hear, but I don't know at the time if I realized that the reason for me coming was not only to get to be in my friend's wedding but for so much more. 

I think that bad or good things happen and maybe in that present moment we may not realize what the reason was nor may we ever know. With that being said- the longer I am home the more these "reasons" are beginning to appear.

Resolutions are a funny thing to me. I have never been a "resolution" person. The pessimist in me often thinks that they can set a person up for failure. I think everyday should be treated as a day to make new goals, check things off your list, and create resolutions for yourself. I will say however that I love New Years Eve night. I feel like it is one night out of the year where people really are excited to celebrate. We all gather together to ponder the past year and our accomplishments and failures. Add a pair of great heals, red lips, that one dress that hangs in the back of your closet all year long and a glass of good champagne make a NYE even better. (I secretly wish every weekend could be like that) I celebrated by listening to jazz music, dancing, and being with new and old friends. 

Celebrate and create resolutions everyday! 

Here is to finding inspiration and things happening for a reason!