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We have been gone from the states for almost 5 months now. When I write five months it really doesn't seem like a lot or a long time. But I know others don't think so. (My family that is) As Tanja and I travel we get asked a lot of questions... maybe these are some of your questions too. So I figured we would answer them for you! 



What has been your biggest surprise while traveling? 

M: My biggest surprise so far traveling… probably just the generosity of people. When we get lost or need directions getting somewhere. People will stop in their tracks to help you. In Rome and Copenhagen the people were really concerned if we were enjoying ourselves. With that being said though, I have to say that people do some pretty crazy things too...! 

T:  My biggest surprise so far is how the stereotypes for each country aren't necessarily true. Everyone I have talked to prior to visiting France said that the french never want to speak English, they aren't very friendly. Once getting to Paris I found that to be the opposite, especially with the younger generation. On the other hand some stereotypes were true. The italians are loud and passionate people, the irish love to drink no matter what time of day it is and the Danish are as beautiful as ever.


What has been your favorite experience? And what would you never do again?

M: My favorite experience was probably the natural beauty of Greece and Ireland. Being up on the hills in Ireland was amazing. Even though the wind and rain were insane I would do it again any day! One thing I would never do again would be to rely on European train systems. Just because you are in Europe doesn't mean that a train is going to be the best form of transportation. 

T:  My favorite experience has been meeting up with friends from the states. We are both experiencing a foreign country together and its fun to share that with someone. I would never want to take a 14 hour train ride from Prague to Belgrade ever again. Eastern European trains tend to be much older and run down.


What do you miss the most?  

M: I miss being in the states and being able to get into my car to go wherever I want to. Living in the midwest we drive everywhere! (Probably too much) But I do miss the freedom that a car gives you. 

T:  I miss all of the food options in the states. In Europe if a certain fruit isn't in season, they don't carry it in the stores. In the states I can have it any time I want even if it might not be the freshest. I also miss American-Mexican food the most.


What has been the best place you have visited so far?  

M: I said before that I really enjoyed Ireland. I will say that the English language probably had something to do with that. It was nice not having to politely ask if they spoke English before I ordered.  And not having to ask if the restaurant had a English menu. But I don't know if there is a best place. Rome stands out a lot. St. Peter's Basilica was outstanding. London is also somewhere I want to go back to. The food, design, and shopping was insane… I love the big cities! 

T:  My favorite place would have to be a tie between Santorini, Greece and Dublin, Ireland. Both are vastly different but the natural beauty they posses is unforgettable. In Greece you have the beautiful sunsets and beaches. In Ireland you have fifty shades of green and friendly faces eager to show you the hidden treasures of Ireland.