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So I am excited for this post because Miss Tanja wrote it! Her view of London! Enjoy!  

Even before heading to London I felt this sense of excitement and overwhelming joy. I was not sure if it was because I couldn’t wait to hear the accents or that it was an English speaking country. Once I arrived I slowly began to figure out why this city is my favorite so far. I described it to my grandma as not being American like but still having similarities which made me happy because I tend to miss the states at times. But also still having European qualities to it. Then again London is truly a city of its own. The air was fresh and brisk, when the wind hit you it really woke you up. It is a very clean and progressive place. London is full of history and the city is so massive that majority of it look old but then theres so many new sky scrapers. I found the people to be very friendly and enjoyed cracking jokes from time to time. We tried the famous fish and chips which did not disappoint. One of the many things that stood out were the strict laws and the unique fashion. I know these two things are completely random but this city has cameras everywhere. They encourage you to report anything unusual on the tube, littering can lead to a thousand pound fine along with not having a metro card. The fashion was something else, especially when it came to the men. I would say that the males stood out more than the females. They were always in suits or well dressed with fall colors and fitted jackets. The people seem to take pride in what they wear and wear it with confidence. Each part of the city had a different taste of style. Where we stayed in Camden the majority was very punk rock whereas areas like Kensington would have designer labels represented. Along with fashion came the delicious food. You could find a fresh food market almost anywhere you walked. The venders served all types of food from savory pies to curry based Indian to Mexican. You could not go wrong with anything you chose, the smells were all enticing. 

I hope to return again sooner rather then later!