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As this project comes to an end we are beginning to wrap things up. I knew that our concept needed to be pushed a bit more and the concept we developed has a lot of more depth. We liked the idea of contrast. Rams is a minimalist and keeping with that idea we are using minimal graphics, but they have a large presence within the space. 
Using contrast, we are taking his electronics and making them graphic elements on the walls and within in the design. One of the principles that Rams used was unobtrusive. He thought that his designs should modest and restrained. Our designs are going to contrast that principle. We want the artifacts to be blown up and huge on the walls. By using yellow as one of our primary colors, it becomes an  overwhelming experience. I think even though Rams wanted to create products that followed these rules and because he was ahead of his time– I find that today, some of his products can seem to break his rules depending on how you look at it. Because some of them are so minimal and different from what we see today it makes them stand out and become that work of art he didn't want them to be. 

Right now, we are currently calling it Fundamental Course, but since our form and concept have changed a bit from the last time we came up with that- I am not sure that fits very well anymore. 

DP // WEEK 10

DP // WEEK 9