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So far Ivan and I have discovered our concept for our monument. We did some mind-mapping and met in the middle with our interests and what the feel, emotion, and purpose for our monument will be. We want the monument to be a place for meditation, but not based on a religion or cause. Just a place for people to migrate to in order to find focus and peace.
We talked a lot about creating an interior space as well. How can a place affect a person's emotional state by just using the environment, color, and structure. We see this form being placed in a large open space like a dessert. This idea reminded me of Anish Kapoor's Leviathan in Paris inside the Grand Palais. This installation created a feeling that was so overwhelming, but also so very personal and peaceful all at the same time. Another space is Jame's Turrell's, The Light Inside at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.  Just by using light and space, you feel transported into the completely different space and this experience can affect a person's spatial perception. 

DP // WEEK 12

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