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DP // WEEK 12

I have finished my printed pieces and they are at the print center! Hoping their paper works, but I am thinking I will have to go find my own. I am really just getting a test print done. I need a paper weight that is thin enough to fold, but can be printed on both sides and won't be see-through. 
I am clipping together my video and just need to put it into the after effects to edit the color. The video is purely for the online aspect to give more depth to the project. I am typing up and figuring out the web presence as well as how I want this to be displayed at the senior show.  I want to have 3 of the fold outs printed out to show that this would come in multiples. Also, how I want to display a concise explanation of the project for viewers, so they know what they are looking at. 
I am also meeting with some teachers this weekend to show them the finished fold-outs to get some quotes from them about the pieces. One of them is a teacher I talked to in the beginning of this process so I am interested to hear what she has to say. Hopefully get some good quotes for my portfolio site.