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DP // WEEK 11

This week I feel like I have made a lot of progress, even though at times I feel like this printed layout is taking a long time for me to get right. The farther along I get the more I am really starting to appreciate the content and information I am designing. The historical information, but also just doing the persona and telling these stories. 
For me it just proves that I think I went down the correct route for my degree project. I still really like dealing with personal information. I have been showing my friend Tanja (my friend I went to Belgrade with) my progress each week and it's an accomplishment for me to see how excited she gets. I remember at our Senior Presentations I said, "I like knowing I have made someone happy or excited through my design," and I'm happy that I am still doing that. 
I have a "thing" for nostalgia and old imagery and I have been incorporating that into my layout. I realized that it was missing something. The design needed more depth to help the story. Old images of childhood photos or photos of someone being in the army make a person more real. 
The typography and legibility have been the challenge for this week and making my foldout easier to digest– giving it breathing room. Of course, I am designer and that's what we do, but I have so many elements that I want to include and making them all work together the best way possible. Iterate, iterate, iterate. I have come to love that word. I have made significant changes, but necessary changes. 
For the web element I am just focussing on wrapping it up to make it cohesive with the printed materials. I am fixing the type and doing some last minuete content revisions. 
I have been struggling with the video aspect and how it will work into my project/story. Last week I posted a storyboard of how I anticipated the video would play out. Well, changes are being made. Time is obviously short, but I would still really like to put a video aspect together. I think it will really help tell my story of how I arrived to where I am today with this project. I think that it will give some context for the project especially when viewed online. I have these interviews and I would like to have to show that I actually was there and there is a background to what I am designing and who I am designing about. 
By Thursday I am going to head over to the print center to do some test prints and find the correct paper. I would really like to get them ink jet printed. I want this to feel like an artifact or something that is new and fresh, but the texture of the paper is really important to me because people will be holding it and unfolding it. When something is lazer printed and is folded the print usually gets scratched off… and the craft of the piece suffers. 

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