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DP // WEEK 10

Hello Week 10 or good bye really.

This past week I have been pushing the form even more on my printed foldout. I have also began story boarding for my video aspect. Thinking of a interesting way of explaining this and not just making it a educational video about education. This is a good moment for me to go back to older blog posts and revisit my question and remind myself of my goal while completing this. I want the video to give a good view of serbia through my eyes, and for the viewer to hopefully understand that this was inspired by my time in another country.  Also,  I find it important to have this sense of cultural understanding and to start it early on. In the school classrooms and at home to remind and teach students the importance of travel and research of other cultures/countries. 
For the foldout I want to work on making it even more personal in regards to Jelena. Trying to channel all things Serbian and UX to gain empathy from the viewer. Now that I have a good idea and structure for my first booklet I hope to be able to change the imagery and type for the other personas. 
Not unless something else dawns on me for a better name I am using "my story." It is generic, but I want this to be a system that could be applied to different cultures/countries/cities. Moja Priča is my story in Serbian so each country would have that title, but in the native language. 

(front of foldout) 
I started implementing more pattern and using shape from traditional Serbian patterns to inform my shape (form).