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For project 2 we have decided to focus on Dieter Rams. I think we were both inspired by his principles and the challenge to visualize those through a spatial experience. 

For our concept we want to channel these design principles. Rams was a man of minimalism, reduced, and honest designer. While watching the video of him we both pulled out the quote, "Not outstanding design, but better design." This then led to thinking of the yellow button on his calculator. He only called attention to what needed to be called out. Everything had purpose and meaning.  Keeping things minimal through the design and throughout the space by using this yellow button or circle as we have it, it will be used as a graphic symbol throughout the space to call out the moments.
Right now we are calling the experience "A Fundamental Course." This names stems from Rams' theories. He used only what was essential to a product. We are only showing the fundamental moments in these principles. He had a less is more moto and we want that to come through in the design. The person walking through this experience is walking through a growth or course showing them the beginnings and theories that he based his designs off of.  

We want to create the story through his creations. When walking into space 5, the first portion of the space, Rams will be represented along with his principles listed on the wall. 
From the top floor to the bottom there a progression that the viewer goes through. Starting with the ten principles at the beginning, moving into the larger space the principles along with the explanation text and parts of his designs that represent that principle. Then as the viewer goes upstairs where they will view the actual objects where these principles have been put to use in his designs.



1) good design is innovative

2) good design makes a product useful

3) good design is aesthetic

4) good design makes a product understandable

5) good design is honest

6) good design is unobtrusive

7) good design is long lasting

8) good design is thorough down to the last detail

9) good design is environmentally friendly

10) good design is as little design as possible

DP // WEEK 6

DP // WEEK 5