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I was not 100% sure what to expect of this class. Spatial design is not something I ever considered or paid a lot of attention to. I knew it was important and that it can easily make or break the way the audience can experience either a exhibit or getting from point A or B, but now I find myself noticing signs and how easy it is to find something wherever I go. The best part for me so far is realizing how much a simple sign can direct and lead someone. Actually putting yourself in the viewers perspective and creating a new experience for them is so important. We might anticipate one thing, but once in the space it can completely change. I like that as designers we have the ability to completely change or help a large clean exhibit space to a parking lot. I think that finding the most appropriate solution is definitely problem solving. This idea of taking a blank slate and filling it with content in the best way to get the audience the best experience. (It's a tricky task! I feel like it's a giant puzzle!) 

DP // WEEK 7

DP // WEEK 6