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DP // WEEK 9

This past week I have been focusing on my printed piece. This is the main component of my project I don't feel that I have spent enough time on it unfortunately. I have been putting a lot of attention towards my web component which I feel is completely necessary, but I should have more diligent on working on the printed fold out. 
With all of that being said, I must keep trucking along. I can't go back and change anything, but I can push forward at a better pace. I am really excited about the printed piece so far. I know that it will just get more refined in the next week and hopefully completed!  
I have also taking note on how to best represent this project as a final product. I think having a short video component would be nice and a clear way to represent this system and how it was inspired. The video will exist online and really be for presentation purposes.  Having a printed piece I have been bouncing around with ideas and how to help viewers understand the concept. A large part of the project was and is inspired by trip to Serbia. I plan to take viewers on my journey and the steps I took and my thought process to get the point where I am today.  The interviews, educational aspect, final product and why the artifacts are necessary. For the senior show I was initially thinking a poster to pull people to the project and help explain it. I know that space is limited, so it will probably turn into statement sitting on the table to help explain the system.

The entire page opened up

                           The back when completely folded up                             The front when completely folded up

A close up on back panel

A close up of inside panels

This is a first stages of representing Jelena's values.

I have been playing around with pattern making. The patterns in traditional Serbia clothing have a lot of pattern. 
The patterns seem to stretch visually in a horizontal manner. I wanted to modernize their traditional patterns. 

I was fortunate enough to have receive these postcards from Jelena before I left. She loves art and made me all these little illustrations. I have scanned in her handwriting to go along with the printed piece. I think this ads a great deal of personal touch to help tell this story even more. I really want to incorporate artifacts and playing around with how to represent them in a printed piece.