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DP // WEEK 7

Inspiration for this week.  
Opanci/Opanak are known as a national symbol of Serbia, and part of Serbian National costume of Serbia. 

I wanted to post these shoes because during this process of wire framing, research, and coming up with content I have started to forget where all this is coming from. All of my content is about Serbia, but I am forgetting the things that inspired me to all of this in the first place. I was re-inspired this week after realizing this. 
I reworked my wire frames for the online aspect. I was making things more complicated, as usual, and decided to really simplify the frame work for this site. After I reworked my site map things started to surface as being frivolous. It wasn't necessary to have many of the tabs/headers/imagery that I had. I striped away a lot of those things to make a more officient clear site. 
I do however need to keep reminding myself of the goal. That probably sounds odd in that we all have goals and those goals are to have an amazing project and final artifact. When I say goal  however, I mean the goal for the audience. What do I want these freshmen in high school to understand or feel after visiting the site?
I still need to work a lot on content I've realized. Not gathering this information, but putting what where and how it's being displayed. Get really specific and have moments of teaching. 

-some sketches-