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DP // WEEK 6

The wire frames above are for my web scenario. They are still pretty loose as far as design goes, but this part of my project is not my number one focus. However, I still want to show some of my ideas for potential web developments and features. 

I have began to work on the visuals for my design. I have a lot of content that needs a place to go! I think it will help me to start piecing together parts of the design. I think it will help inform how I will plan to create some of my info-graphic moments. I want to use imagery with a layering aspect. This being for a young age group they need a lot of visual stimulation to hold their attention. I do believe it can still hold a form of sophistication/seriousness. I kept coming back to this layering affect I think because I am telling stories, and these stories have layers and history that build and build. I think it gives depth to the content as well.  I am still trying to work out titles and I feel like I am getting closer as I keep moving forward. I want the name to be general in a sense that this could be used for any country/city. 
Titles ideas so far: 
-Through the Eyes
-Through the Eyes of… (then have the country being focussed on) 
-??? (haven't gotten too far on this yet...)