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Well, this past week has been about expanding our concept across the board with cohesion and refining it. We have been exploring how the use of perforated metal is to be used in this project. It is primarily used on the site identifier, and will be featured on the directional signs. We have been discussing how much of this material we should incorporate into our system, while we want it to be a cohesive system, we don't want to over whelm the campus with this material, so we've decided that we incorporate the metallic quality into other places, like street signs and interior directional signage.

We have also been working on the pattern that is going to be used through out our system. We created a set of arrows for our signage and have expanded on this since last week. The KCAI websites' welcoming message is "Do Things Your Way" and it felt right to use these arrows to get at this idea of choosing your own direction so we have created a pattern that will be used appropriately in our system. Right now they are featured on the street banners, but we have yet to decide on what other element to feature them on.

DP // WEEK 4