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Kansas City Art Institute is a place for creatives to pursue their artistic freedom, growth, and expression. They can aim their future in any direction they choose. The base of our design and intentions lie within the passion and creativity found in the students, the energy and vibrancy of the culture on campus, and the depth and complexity of the art making process.

We wanted to use textures and colors that would adapt as KCAI changes and grows. The materials we are using to embody the depth and complexity of KCAI are perforated metal, painted metal and Plexiglas glass. The metal has a square pattern punched out for the perforation. We liked highlighting the color choices peaking out as a viewer sees it from different angles.  From a distance the signage appears as one solid block but when examined upon closely you’ll notice that it’s not just one piece of material, but rather a layering of several materials. This reinforces the fact that nothing is as simple as it seems, which we can all agree is true in the creative process.

Creatives have the ability to mold their life into a successful career in unconventional ways. This ability means we can craft success in infinite amounts of ways, which way will you let KCAI lead you?

DP // WEEK 5