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We began mind mapping to see what KCAI is really about. We decided on two different concepts that we are now branching off from. The current essence that our school has works, but we believe that starting fresh will allow us to push the design conceptually and it will become a more thoughtful process.

One direction we see ourselves going in is inspired by the history of KCAI. This institute has such a rich history and we don't know that a first time visitor can really see that by a first time visit to our school. By incorporating imagery from the past as well as small moments of history where necessary the experience would become much more engaging for the viewer. This idea also stems off the notion that KCAI has progressed to become a unique and diverse school. Over time our school has had many additions which symbolize the need for advancement and expansion. Being a school for the arts and design– a visually stimulating design needs to be created and adding imagery would definitely add to that idea.

After  mind mapping we had a multitude of adjectives describing KCAI and it's students. But for this concept we wanted to focus on the students. That is what makes a school the school that it is. The students and their individuality. The words showmanship, diversity, and community stood out to us. As art students we are all here to create art and design work the best of our abilities. We are a diverse group stemming from places all over the country and world. And of course the one thing that brings us all together is KCAI. It becomes our community. These three traits: showmanship, diversity, and community, have this idea of direction. The direction of one's self within a community or from a certain community. We think first time visitors should be able to recognize this. With this concept we would like to incorporate moments of narrative again on the signage. Things that as students and faculty know, but probably things a first time visitor might not. For example if a visitor is at Vanderslice being directed to the Baty House that sign might read, "8 minute walk until Baty House."


We believe there is a lot of opportunity to educate our audience in these somewhat subtle ways when visiting our school. Being able to share a part of ourselves, a part of our school in a graphically interesting and stimulating way.