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Slightly Changed Question from Presentation
How can graphic design create a meaningful experience in a middle school classroom by contextualizing a current culture and generate a sense of empathy through the use of personas?
*I wanted to change this slightly due to the "current global situation." I think I will be focussing more on the people and how previous events have effected them and their personal situation. I think that will be appropriate for what I want to do and how I will be portraying this information. I think this is more about the last 10-20 years of cultural events.
Now that I have been through a critique I know the next steps that I need to take. I do think creating a kit of parts will be much more successful. Something that has stuck with me sense critique is when Collin brought up the point that personas are already done. I completely agree with him which is why it has put me in a good place to really push myself and see how I can altar and make this experience with students and their information really stick.
I see how this project has become inspired by students and their learning and what they really take with them out into the world. This idea was also inspired by my trip. The students that I met in Serbia take their studies so seriously. I will admit that my friend Jelena seemed to know more about United States history then I did. These series of activities are not trying to prove what is lacking in our education system but more trying to find a way to hold student's attention and inspire them.
My next steps are to now begin asking students and teachers about the experience in the classroom as well as researching the MO Curriculum guide lines. While doing this I will be curating information specifically to each persona. I feel that the personas can deeply vary depending on the culture. But because it's the Serbian culture it will be centered around family and friends.

1. Look at the MO School Curriculum
2. Derive questions from my research of the curriculum and start to email/survey teachers.
3. Ask Students what sticks with them... what do they care about?

What I will call the "Kit of Parts," for now,
-Posters: I think these can begin a discussion. An artifact to exist in the classroom to really jump start a conversation between the students and teacher.
-Video: Living in such a technological based world, I do understand that incorporating video would be      a great way to place a student in the culture. Video can cover senses such as sigh and sound help imagine touch and smell that a piece of paper can't.
-Stories: Personal stories from the family and how the students can/can't relate.
-The Personas
-Timeline: to visually show key points in the life of a person being represented in the persona...
-"what's happening now?" <student research
-on-line space?