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DP // WEEK 4

For this week I have been focussing on the artifacts and the specific content/information going each persona fold out. For the scenarios I want to focus on the classroom as a whole and a classroom discussion and then a personal experience for the individual student. 

Scenario #1
Individual Thoughts, based on the fold out... 
Student will be able to interact with their "person" and read about them/look over the information. Make their own impressions of the information.  This would be linked to the "online part" they would then be able to sift through interviews and find their person. Wether it be just a short clip or an online interview. 
-Questions brought up in the next coming scenario either asked by teacher or other students
>What's most intriguing about their persona?
>Is there anything that caught your attention or stood out to you? 

*This is the beginning stage of the student understanding parts and pieces of this persons life. 

Scenario #2
Class Participation 
As a class and the personas that they have received the characters are all related or overlap somehow. There would be points on the timeline in which students will have to fill in info they have learned about their person. For example, after reading over their specimen's information they would start to discover missing pieces about that person and be able to lay it out visually on the timeline. 

*This scenario is based on the class coming together and putting the cultural happenings together with their personas. Making realizations on how and why the things happend in this persons life. 
Things included or touched upon for case study information

+Maps- showing travel patterns for that person, where have they gone/trips? And why? 
+Financial issues (anything from a house payment to their favorite meal) 
+Personal Mottos

"Persona" as a word/term
Jamie brought up a good point in that "persona" is  is usually a designer term. So have been playing around with words, I want to ask the teachers and students to figure out what would work best... case study, personality, character, specimen?
Personas: I want a good range, so I have decided to complete the following
18 year old Girl (currently in Belgrade) 
46 year old Man (currently in Belgrad)
67 year Woman (currently in US) 

-One thing I have decided to add is a Serbian person that lives in the US. After talking to teachers they are still learning about  US history, but are beginning to think about other cultures. I think by having a persona of a Serbian culture that now lives in the United States would be beneficial. 

some Serbian for you

When asked what they think about Americans or the young people in America…
(sorry the video quality isn't the best)

I wanted to post these projects, because of the way they are produced. They are both good examples of ways to represent  information in a nice printed piece. This has me thinking about the shape/layout of my printed artifact that will be for my persona. I have been looking at Feltron reports and I know that the information I am producing will not be as dense as this just because of my audience and I don't want it  to be overwhelming, but I still think it's a good example of showcasing a lot of personal information.