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DP // WEEK 2

High School Modern World History classes
9th-10th graders

I believe there is a need for an experience where an audience can learn not only about the history of a culture regarding dates and numbers, but when learning these facts how they are related to the people of the city/country.

I would like to make learning about a culture more humanistic and not based on numbers and facts from a book. I hope that this will lead to more emotional experience with the information being learned. It will still educate students on dates and facts, but in doing so comparing and visualizing how this affects families. People just like them. I think people relate to people and most of the time we are removed from a situation when reading about it online or in a book. By specifically paring it with real information about real people are emotional connection will hopefully heighten.
Hopefully, this will create more desire to learn about other cultures, travel, or even just help to have a better understanding of a culture.
I am using my trip to Belgrade as the prototype. I believe that what I am designing could be used for any culture.

What will they take a away/learn
>sometimes I think learning about the people of a culture is more educational then knowing dates and facts. I think once students have a emotional relationship they want to know more. They will want to know how a war or civil disturbance effected a family.

>decision making
>stories and legends
>daily work practices
>pop culture
>social experiences

How can I make their experience
>more stimulating
>removed from a text book?