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In a perfect world where you graduate and could get to do whatever you want I would love to become a blogger and do freelance and yoga everyday. As good as that sounds I still know I have a lot to learn. The constant changing and learning that occurs is a trait that has always attracted me to do design. 

With that being said, I have a couple of things/places/companies where I could see myself going. Like I said in class I see myself going in two to three-ish different directions. Last semester I was really inspired after meeting Andrea Pellegrino and the work that she does with designers. I took the workshop she taught when she came to KCAI and the way that she has helped uplift advocacy projects was very inspiring. So, needless to say that is a route I could see myself going. After taking Tyler's class last year made me realize the impact design can have. Really taking the time to work with people and understand their needs. I was also intrigued to work on bigger more social projects after taking the workshop with Ann Willoughby  last year.  More along the lines of the user experience and using design in a social way we worked to complete a  short project with the objective of figuring out a way to draw people into KC.

The next direction would be working for a company involved in health. That sounds really broad but more specifically lululemon or somewhere like LOLE. Everything from their design strategies, blogging, social events, to social media I believe is right on track. They understand their audience and how to really reach out to them through their products and identities. After going through this design department I can now see what a big role it plays for a large company and if they are using it in the best possible ways. I think these two companies are and now they are pushing themselves to really go out there and take the steps necessary to keep improving and pushing their brands. And of course, both of these brands are athletic clothing (yoga more or less) so that doesn't hurt either. 

My next direction is more or less just a visual aspect. I say that because the next companies I am going mention are known for their beautiful and creative ways of marketing their products as well just representing their brand. I have probably been in love with Anthropologie since I can remember. It's not even because of their products (not that I don't love that as well) but because I have never seen a company do such a phenomenal job in displaying/reprenting their products. Everything from their website, emails, and catalog. Same goes with Free People which is a branch of Anthropologie so it makes sense.

The steps to getting there I am really not sure. I suppose for all of them it starts with applying or sending my portfolio. Of course these are all perfect scenarios and goals. But I have no issues with starting somewhere else. I think I will be happy just to get a job after graduation. I know things take time and new things will always appear.