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CUPPA is a hypothetical tea house. Located in Kansas City, MO it is a no frills tea house but a place of comfort and sophistication. Patrons can enjoy sitting down and remember what it's like to appreciate the company of others and be involved in a conversation with friends and family. The experience of drinking fine tea at CUPPA is a leisurely experience.

Using the colors black, white, and gold give the impression that  CUPPA is a sophisticated place, but the gold hints at the traditionalism that one will experience. The clean and simple typography for the brandmark is straight and to the point. By centering it in the middle of the circle it demonstrates the bold attention that CUPPA has. It insinuates the experience a patron will have at the tea house.

The simplicity and use of white space throughout the touch points illustrates the fresh and clean environment, but by adding the fields of black it gives a moment of contrast as well as representing a concept that CUPPA is a place where a person can sit, stay, and take their time. The design represents the traditionalism with the moments of contrast defining CUPPA's contemporary take on the traditional experience of drinking tea.