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For my tea house concept I decided to use the name CUPPA, but still include the handwritten elements. I really tried to focus on merging certain idea together. After the last critique it seemed that there were elements from all of them that seemed to work. The name CUPPA resignation best with my idea and that this whole idea came from a British idea. Through my attributes I want to get across that CUPPA is a place for anyone. Even if a person is a tea lover, they can still go to CUPPA with friends and family and enjoy themselves. It is based on the experience that they are getting and the atmosphere and products they are seeing when they go the tea house.
For the design I wanted to do something that is very simple, graphic, and has a feeling of sophistication. The black and gold give a feeling of confidence that a person would probably not associate with tea. Of course there are many more elements to design and create, but I started with some of the first things a person would see or pay attention to, the store front and probably the menu whether that be from online or when they are greeted inside. 

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My next step... find a printer that can do gold printing! 

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