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Design With Intent
Rober Fabricant 
Q: My question again lies within being neutral as a designer. We discussed this last time but I think it is possible to design something and be neutral. Of course everyone has different history and backgrounds. But I don't think that looking at a magazine layout or the grid can show a designers opinions on certain topics. Agreed? (I suppose that was more of statement within a question...)

Designer Authorship
Michael Rock
"The performer metaphor is based on the traditional performing arts of theater and music.
The actor is not the author of the script, the musician not the composer of the score, but
without actor or musician, the art cannot be realized. The actor is the physical expression of
the work."

Q: Rock makes this comparison and I think the role of the designer is changing. We are becoming the authors. We are creating content and doing the research now. We are no long just taking someone else's text and designing it. We are now doing it all.

The Designer As Producer
Victor Margolin
"With the development and distribution costs for these typefaces being fairly low, there is
nothing to prevent a young typographer from becoming an entrepreneur."

Q: This writing talks about the rise in technology and how designers have the a9ility to easily be entrepreneurs with the rise of technology. I have thought about this before in that in make it easier to create and be seen, but I also feel that it makes it even harder to be recognized. Instead of a select few designers having the abilities to create typefaces for example, anyone can. Does this lesson the value of our work?