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In the  Adbuster Véronique Vienne Interviews Kalle Lasnreading there is a dialogue of question and answers going on between Véronique Vienne and Kalle Lasn. Vienne asks, "What would be your guidelines for finding the true cost of a product?" The way that Lasn gives the example with the leaf blower is something I have never really thought about. The way that even a small thing can have such long term effects. 
Q: My question is, which I suppose this may have been already discussed, but if a designer either graphic or industrial new the exact outputs of a products or adertisement and how it related to the people, would they still go through with the design? 

He Might Be Giant: Shepard Fairey
By Michael Dooley

I actually wrote a research paper on Shepard Fairey my freshmen year about his how the majority of work is taken from something or someone else and he simply alters it and calls it his... the escapade with the Obama "HOPE" poster. Now, after being in design and having more exposure to Gorilla Advertisement I think my views may have changed. I think I understand the concept better the point that is trying to be made in that he just wants peoeple to react wether it be negative or positive. 
Q: This made me start thinking in terms of people's reactions. Shepard Fairey is just taking part in Gorilla tactics. He went to RISD just as all of us have gone to KCAI, but yet he is not necessarily doing things to for anyone else or a specific client. I suppose the general public is seen as his audience. I just wonder if any of us would go through the education that we have to create work that is purely based on reaction...? I do understand that he obviously went through training and understands the history and "rules" of the arts, but does this just depend on the person and what they want out of their work? Many designers design because their work will solve/help for a sole purpose (ex. doing a campaign for a hospital) but Fairey does it for himself in a sense. Could anyone live a life of design like that?

Guerrilla Street Postering Civil Disobedience in Los Angeles
By Robbie Conal

I am glad I read this after the SHepard Fairey piece. This also made me think about the lifestyle and who their work is producing. It is mentioned that people are going to see posters whether they want to or not.
Q: Is design/posters that are more tailored to an audience more effective or is the repetition of something more effective?


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