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A community I am a part of is the yoga community. I would say even more specifically would be the Zen Zone yoga community. This is a yoga studio that is based on a value of community and the people. Yoga brings us all together into one large group, but I would say the community and studio continue to grow due to the teachers and people. A lady once commented "The Zen Zone is like a big Tupperware party." I don't know if that was necessarily a good thing, but we took it as a compliment because it's so true! We all have the common goal to be healthy and to get better in our yoga practice. When I read "a sense of belonging and identification" from the article this made me think of my yoga community. Personally, when I am at a yoga studio or when I am in my practice I feel like I know who I am and what my purpose in that moment is. It does give me a sense of belonging. There are specific "boundaries" within the yogi culture. We have a specific type of dress and a type of "yoga" language. I would say the poses alone are essentially an individual language. Even the objects and accessories that we use form a sense of togetherness. We have a mat, yoga block, bolster, and strap to help aid in our practice. Yoga is about the connection of mind and body, so there is most definitely an emotional and physical sense of belonging.

COMMUNITY PSYCHOLOGY :Psychological Sense of Community: Theory of McMillan & Chavis (1986)