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I would say that this video is somewhat indicative of education and technology. She is being an educator... and she is using technology and using them together. It might not be everyone's cup of tea or daily watch, but it shows that a teenager knows how to connect to an audience using YouTube as her channel. I think when I was in middle school Facebook had just started and I was happy I knew how to use that! Technology give student's the ability to be teachers themselves.
This Ted Talk by Ken Robinson: Changing Education Paradigms got me really excited. This subject of education crosses my mind and comes in and out of my life quite often. I have always had questions about the way things are done in the education system and why they are the way they are. In Robinson's point about age and why we always just assume children learn at the same levels is such a BRILLIANT point. It makes sense in the grand scheme of things: we all learn together, grow together, "get jobs" together. This is such a great lead up for my article, or topic of choice in the education. During the lecture on Monday about learning and education I immediately thought of an American Life Podcast I listened to a while back titled "Kids Politics." A story that was based on Democratic grade schools. Even the podcast had to be voted on whether or not to have American Life come in the school. This meaning a school that is ran by the students. IDEA "Institute for Democratic Education in America, is a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to ensure that all young people can engage meaningfully with their education and gain the tools to build a just, democratic, and sustainable world. IDEA collaborates with communities around the country to reclaim and reinvent education, in ways that develop compassionate citizens and changemakers." I feel like this way of learning can completely work, but I have learned after a bit of research that many people have their doubts. A lot of decisions are made, but are they the right choices? Can a five year old make a wise choice?  I guess the kids would eventually find out...
After taking my learning test I am a type 1 learner. I can see a lot of these traits within myself... but after reading through all of the learning types, type 4 seemed almost more like me. I know that I have taken these tests before in high school. Which made me think of all these types of tests that one is put through during school. The personality tests, the "this is what would be best for you to do for career tests," (in 7th grade I want to be a surgeon) but does that information even matter in the end? I can't remember a time when a teacher ever said to me, you are a kinesthetic learner so why don't we take your test in this way or that way. When will that ever change?

i had to.