Hello there!

Welcome to my blog. I document my adventures in travel, style, and food. Hope you have a nice stay!

Today was the first day of classes and I am so excited to get started on the projects for this semester. All of the things we are working on are things that I have interests in so I am hoping it will help me decide even more of what I want to do exactly in the design world. 
I also wanted to create some sort of small goal for myself to do everyday related to my day, life, design whatever I am doing. But I want to blog about it. Even if it is something small like a photo I take, or a video I find. Just to make my blog more personal. I say all of this now, but I just want to keep up with it even when I have to do 5 other blog posts for my other classes. I will do my best! I think it will be a good thing to be able to look back on from my senior year. 
I was sifting through quotes last night related to the word journey and moving forward. I am a strong believer in moving forward and to be constantly creating goals, but at the same time we must take time to experience the journey to get to that goal. I am sure, myself included, that so often all of our concentration is what is coming up and what is happening next that we forget how we even get there. (Moses on his way up the mountain.) ha  So, this semester I am going to try to enjoy the journey! Because it could possibly be my last first semester of college ever! (who knows, a masters program could be waiting for me)

I am going to soak. it. up.

//design inspired by washi tape. my new obsession.