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So technically I am late on my post for today seeing that it is 12:15am, but I had my third class so far this year tonight. I must say I think it will be a good one. It is really just a Health class, topics being person, communal, and societal health. We had to create a goal for ourselves that we will try and stay true to for the remainder of the semester. I figure I might as well post my goals on here so that I am held responsible in a number of ways. 

GOAL 1. Do something for myself once a day for ten minuets. This "something" could be meditation, a walk, laying on my floor listening to 90s music, maybe just writing... 
GOAL 2. To continue practicing yoga. I am sure this seams obvious or maybe odd, but when school starts a lot of my habits seem to diminish. My goal is to practice 2-4 times a week for 45-60mins at a time. If this happens it would be amazing. But we shall see in two weeks if I am holding true to my goal. Of course working out in general still needs to happen. 

Now that I have an entire class keeping me in check with my goals, I have no excuses. I am the first person to tell you that I change as a person when I am not getting some type of physical exercise. (it's called grouchy and unhappy.) 

So here is to maintaining goals and staying happy.

// washi tape again I know, but I wanted to spruce up my Moleskins a bit. 
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