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Roller Derby Advertisements, contact sheet + final response

For my advertisements I wanted to really take advantage of the derby girls language. I saw this as a great opportunity to use their lingo to my advantage. I also saw BAND-AID as a good "who/what" for the derby girl culture. They are very conscious of their health. I wanted to used channels that hit on different parts of their life as well. Using a magazine ad, postcard, and button all hit different parts of their life. If a girl doesn't read magazines maybe they could receive a postcard, or if a girl is involved in a local skate shop maybe she could receive a button. 
I wanted to the button to not be about BAND-AID but attract the derby girl to the button by having "Derby Love" so large on the button and then they see that it is from BAND-AID.  It becomes something that they end up putting on their bags or clothing because of the lingo. With the postcard I wanted it to pull them in because of the imagery and then it's something that they keep because of the lingo and the picture on the front. Even the small details such as the address being to the derby girl in their derby name is a big detail that they would notice. 
I wanted to create advertisements that stick with them visually. Their thought process hopefully being that they see the bold imagery and color, then the language/lingo, then seeing that it's by BAND-AID they go buy the products, but also end up keeping the advertisement because it is so visually attractive to them. 

Experimental Type, presentation slides

BAND-AID campaign: Roller Derby Girls (3rd round)