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NELSON MAP: user testing day reflection

User Testing Day at the Nelson
I was not really sure how exactly this was going to play out, but it was a lot of fun and I see why it is such an important part of our project. I had the joy of "shadowing" mom, Heidi, her two sons Julian and Zain. It was great seeing my map in the actual hands of the little ones. How they interacted with the map and used it as they ran around the park. They did run at times I will add, but it was great chasing them around. I observed how the parent to child to map relationship played out. I was glad that I got to experience another groups map as well. It helped to see more than one map be tested so I could see their interaction with our maps and the kids with sculptures and park.

The Plan of Action
This user testing day was beneficial to our map in so many ways.  We have a lot of things to improve on the work out. The biggest part is fixing the navigation. The way  we are rendering our map is very illustrative, but it still needs to be a tool for the user. I am thinking that we are going to have to add possibly a smaller very simplified map to the side, just so that there is some sense of relation from sculpture to sculpture. Our map is not traditional in the sense of the scale of things and distances. I think also at least with my family, the boys stated that it wasn't super obvious to look through the map to see the sculptures. Also, because of the way our map is rendered is not typically what is seen when it comes to maps we need to use more text and explaining than we thought would be necessary.


NELSON MAP: process