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ROLLER DERBY GIRL, final response

QUEEN of the RINK Throughout this research process Sam and I have had the awesome experience in researching Roller Derby Girls. We used varying methodologies and analysis techniques to do so. We began our research by interviewing different roller derby girls, attending bouts, a practice, and studying their history. Keeping visual analysis by documenting our outings helped us come to better understanding of their behavior. We created affinity diagrams explaining their values, traits, goals, and obstacles. We also created visual and verbal analysis to showcase their distinctive language and appearance. We studied the technical language of the game and the lingo/slang that is used. We needed to understand the sport in order to understand the girl. We wanted to really understand the affect that this game has on them and why it becomes such a large part of their lives. We felt that creating an image dense book would best show their attitude and passion for the sport. Sticking with a bright color palette of a reddish-pink and (s)lime green we wanted to obtain a feminine quality but we layered our spreads with a texture to rough up the feeling. We wanted to reflect the creativity of the culture but also encompass all of their bold and eclectic attitudes. 

Rendering Methods, Round 1

Collection Infographics