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WALL STREET JOURNAL web redesign, video/presentation

Above are my slideshow keynote presentation as well as the animation. This process was a complete new experience for me. I had many moments of learning and struggle, but my biggest obstacle was creating the visual aspect for my re-design. I tried to really stick to wireframes so not to get off track in the navigation.  I do not like admitting to that seeing that I am a designer, but as I have learned the under structure and process is just as important as the way something looks. A webpage can look beautiful, but if it is hard to navigate and lacks in direction then a user is not going to be able to enjoy the visual renderings. I wanted to make sure that I hit all the objectives of this project. I incorporated a new social networking feature, and I wanted to create a new structure for the viewer to see the news in. Another thing that had to conquer was the typography. I started with tiny text that seemed appropriate at the time, but then when I took the time to compare it to actual news sites it was not correct. I had to really specify what information about each article needed to be present. I decided to narrow it down to just the article title and an image. I created a horizontal space instead of the typical vertical. I wanted the navigation to be some what specific, I didn't give the viewer a lot of room for information because I found after being on the WSJ website it to be very overwhelming. Visually I used a lot of line work as repetition for the horizontal experience. The horizontal lines over the headers and and the green line above the Food & Drink section.  I wanted the navigation to be direct and simple. The only information seen is the information that one has selected. 
For my social media feature I named it "Your Community" I tried to think of a name that has yet to be used. Such as timeline or media flow. Your Community is a collection of things stemming from Facebook and Twitter friends. It consists of images, videos, stories that friends have commented on your have put onto the Community space. I want the viewer to have the ability to drag images that link back to the story. It is is also a horizontal space for the reader to skim through. They can drag an image (as shown in the animation) and the other categories will separate out of the way. Essentially it is like a news-feed area, but I want the viewer to be able to automatically see what is going on and to have more control of what they are seeing or selecting. I am sure that this idea can go much further and deeper in many aspects. 
A few things that need to be improved were some digital craft issues, as well as some spacial things. Such as the story at the end appearing as an overlay. It would benefit to have the story be able to really take up the space so that there can be more room for information to be shown. Also, my scroll bars need to be better incorporated within my design. Possibly just using arrows on the sides so that the user understands they need to scroll from left to right. 
Overall, this was a great project to set my mind up for the next Info Arch projects to come. Designing for such a selective space is challenging, but it will help me work through certain more particular projects in the future. 

Project TWO: Online Collection, sorting / infographics