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Type Experiment idea

When we began talking about experimentation in typography the idea of how far you can push type kept resurfacing. The question of- does type need to be visual? What makes typography typography? Can it be a smell, sound, or touch? I want to experiment with the sound and how type can affect a musician and the way he/she plays. I keep coming back to this idea of mood and emotion. Music and the visual arts go hand and hand and I want to combine them. For example, first starting off with words or phrases and creating a sound or melody from these words. What does the word "waste" or "passion" sound like? Would the sound change if the typeface was different? But then how can the sound affect the typography? Creating a improv like situation
I think that they both can have so much impact off of one another. Turning a collection of text into sounds and seeing if the visual affect of something can be the same as an audio experience. Last semester I did a bit of experimentation in a animation for Tender Buttons. I wanted to add sound and did so by showing my animation to a pianist and having her play as she watched the animation play- like her sheet music. It resulted in serendipitous moments that ended up working with my concept. This was however, already a built composition but I want to start at the core in just taking single words and making sounds or making notes out of single words. I think bringing together two such common elements of our life that surround us everyday would be a great experiment. I want to experiment with all of the "what if?" scenarios. What if a word is painted or made from clay? What if it is another language is thrown into the mix?  Will that affect the noise that someone makes from it? How will personal associations affect the musician? 
Of course there are many things out there where the type or visuals react to the music or what is being played, but I want to turn that around in that the music reacts to the typography. I have no idea what the end product will consist of or where my findings will lead me, but I think the outcome will be interesting. As far as the details go, I have some ideas but it is all pretty unknown as of now. I suppose that's what an experiment is all about. The unknown.
 Where and how can typography lead music/sound?  
I always want to involve others in design and appreciate it even more when learning and teaching take place between two people. I think that music and typography are ways of expression, but it totally different fashions. So being able to bring two different crafts together is always intriguing. 
-An idea I am imagining would be to start with letters in different typefaces and showing them to a pianist or whatever instrument and having the musician create whatever sound or note they feel from it. Then moving onto words even or phrases. Then from there taking all of these "notes" from each letter and making a piece using typography and the sounds created from each letter in the lyrics of a song..?
-Another is to create different type compositions but uses different mediums.  Meaning I would essentially have the same phrase except the way that I present it would be different each time.  So if I show them a phrase in water color or just a typed paragraph on white paper how would this affect the music? 

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