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Project TWO: Online Collection, sorting / infographics

3 Classifications Methods
-By jersey number
-By height
-playing experience (seasons played)



Lined up by Head Circumference 

 My Familiarities with players

jersey color
head circumference
personal association
team name
personal stats (age, height, weight) vs. bobble head stats (year made, height, weight) 
alphabatise names 
player history

Infograph Ideas 
  1. Bobble Head History
  2. KC sport History
  3. Year personally received/ year made/ handed out 
  4. Player vs. Bobble Head (measurements, jersey, etc.) 
  5. Price? Collectable? 
  6. Material 
  7. Seasons played
  8. Total touchdowns/ home-runs / goals
  9. Height/ Head circumference
  10. Age of player vs. age of bobble head
  11. player born local related to team location
  12. Jersey history
  13. Games played 
  14. years sat on shelf

Experimental Type, third week

WALL STREET JOURNAL web redesign, video/presentation