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Roller Derby Girl, PERSONAS

"The Escapist"
Name: Patti Tracy
Derby Name:  Patti LuPuncha (I was named after Patti LuPone)
Age: 38
Occupation: Accountant, Single Mother
Number of seasons: 6 (veteran)
"I have two kids and am raising them on my own and it's nice to have something that is just for me."

Personal Focus
Social escape/break

Patti is a single mother of two who found roller derby as a chance to spend time on herself. Her time is usually spent at work providing for her two children and being a mom. She wanted an outlet to meet other woman like herself as well as a way to be her own person. She wanted to be able to get away from the PTA or her mom duties for a couple of hours each week. She was inspired after a friend at work mentioned the sport to her. She didn't know much and the last time she put on a pair of skates was in middle school. She found a local team and attended tryouts.  She was happily surprised by the welcoming personalities of the other woman. Little did she know what an affect these woman would have on her life. She now has her "Derby Family" and has full faith and trust in them.

"The Refreshed Roller"
Name: Zooey Peterson
Derby Name: Zooey Bash'EmAll
Age: 2
Occupation: Student
Number of Seasons: 2

"I needed something in life. I was bored"

Sense of belonging

Zooey is a nursing student at KU. She was going to school, working part time, and interning, but she needed something different and new way of creativity. Zooey first experienced roller derby when she saw a posted flier at her school for a bout coming up. She decided to go having just seen the movie Whip It. She went to the bout and saw roller derby in a new light. Zooey was instantly interested in trying out. Growing up she never felt a place where she belonged until she joined the Royal Pains. She met a group of women that she was able to feel connected with. She now uses her new and found creativity in entertaining ways. Before every bout, she always wears bedazzled panties. And eats a banana for potassium. 

Type Experiment idea

Field Research, first interview